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More than 15 years of experience working in Media & Entertainment industry has enabled us to build our 360 degree services and solutions. We build iconic brands with our full suite offering Brand Building Strategy, Brand Licensing & Extensions Consulting, Digital & Social

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Rooh's approach to any brand is highly responsive, stable, scalable that also ensures speed and optimum usage of resources available


Ours sought out strategies often results in long term adaptation by the brand. The concepts are such imprinted amongst consumers'


Yes, thats right! Reliability with us has exact same meaning! Specifically speaking, reliability refers to the probability and or the

We are also a leading consulting firm in Brand Licensing & Brand Extensions Programs.

Brand Licensing, Brand Extensions, Brand Partnerships, Collaborations or Branded Merchandise is the easiest way to connect to your consumers and build a loyal fan-base. Our Licensing Corner magazine presence in 15-countries


LIMA Appoints Rutika Malaviya in India

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Competition is Better!

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