Exclusive Interview of Rutika Malaviya, Founder & CEO of Rooh Entertainment and Animation Digital Digest (ADD)

Rutika Malaviya, Founder & CEO of Rooh Entertainment, is an eminent name in the creative circles. The young lady has also opened a way for Merchandising and Licensing through her online venture – Animation Digital Digest (ADD).

Animation Digital Digest (ADD) is an electronic publication for the hottest news on AVGC – Animation, Visual Effects, Comic and Gaming. It also provides vital information on Licensing & Merchandising sector. Rutika ensures to be on the top list to cover various TV shows,  Films, Interviews, Toy Industries, Rising Stars and Spicy Licensing Deals globally. ADD is an official organizer of Indian Licensing Pavilion at various International Licensing Shows. It also serves LIMA India Chapter as Advisory Committee Member.

Given below is excerpt of interview of Rutika Malaviya.

interview of Rutika Malaviya

What inspired you to join this fascinating world of Media and Animation?

I have always been a Media Professional. Especially coming from a Bollywood background. From childhood, I was involved in assisting of movies & tv commercials or by working on production for various events like Filmfare, IIFA, ITA & being part of some of renowned advertising agencies like JWT, Ogilvy etc. Like I say – Media is in my Rooh (soul) & you can’t take away from me even after I die.


You are a creative person with multiple hats of responsibilities. How do you keep balance of multiple challenges?

By taking a day off without phone calls or messages !!!

I do this at least once a month for one whole day. This helps me to re-gain the scattered mind and bring in to focus. During daily activities, I just manage my timing and stick to a regular routine that enables to focus on each department without any hassle. Moreover, my team efficiency does all the work & I am glad to have such wonderful team. 😉


According to you, where we are lacking in competition with foreign market – Content, Execution, Technical expertise or something else?

I would say we are lacking in right content. A content that can stand strong in global market. A content that has the relativity with India but also has a global approach.

In India we mostly focus on mythology and play safe, This kind of content has limitations and will be accepted here but it has no grounding to stand on a global platform – this is where major studios of India faces the problem. Also, There is lack of knowledge in Indian market about content creation. It is not necessary to develop a fully content and then explore various markets to sell. We can do that merely by creating a concept idea supported by strong graphic visualization to showcase its look & feel and if you are very confident you can create a pilot or a teaser.

I believe in thinking in the reverse order. Think as consumer, what is it that today consumer wants to see, what is current / upcoming trend, how is your idea going to be accepted by this consumers, is your concept salable? What are other mediums to generate revenue except for broadcasting? What kind of consumer products will suit with your concept? If need to answer all this and then work, I can vouch that your concept can and will make market accept it globally.

rutika malaviya rooh entertainment media

Tell us more about Rooh Entertainment and your mission objective.

Rooh Entertainment is dynamic creative agency aimed at helping its customers make their mark in their respective industries. We provide Advertising Solutions like Creative Designing, Branding Solutions, Public Relations (PR), Media Buying-Media Planning & Digital Marketing that is well described under ATL, BTL, Brand & Corporate Identity & Retail Identity verticals.

Our mission is to bring growth in the industry so that it can make itself stand in competitive global market. We do this as a media for animation & licensing industry so that we can understand each vertical with an unbiased eye bridging the gap of outsource work, IP creation & selling the content, Revenue Generation, Licensing & Merchandising.


What are your roles as Advisory member in LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association)?

As advisory Committee member I am responsible to work towards increasing awareness of licensing, and how this can benefit the business fraternity as a whole. I am well connected with the Animation industry, and is trying to bind participants in the Indian pavilion in International licensing shows.

  • Being a media, I am responsible to promote the initiatives and can share the information with my network
  • Rooh Entertainment is also instrumental in getting international delegation and pavilion in Indian licensing shows of LIMA
  • Responsible to pitch the international companies to venture in India through licensing, and can get a taste of the market through LIMA shows in India

Charles Riotto President LIMA Rutika Malaviya

Apart from professional life, what are your personal goals?

My personal goal is same as my professional life goals because my Rooh is in my company. I see a lot of potential, good work, opportunities of Indian animation & licensing industry in India & stand tall in international market. We want India to be known for its IP Creation rather than just a place for getting outsourced work. It’s always better to own a product than to provide service for a product, it brings in more investment, and more risk but it also brings in more revenue and more recognition, more growth, more stability, and more other business avenues.

animation digital digest add rutika malaviya

rooh entertainment rutika malaviya

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Rutika Malaviya Interview

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